Simple tools for parents of teens

Welcome and Thank you for your interest!   We all love our children. I loved my children, I wanted to give them the best opportunities. Then, I realised that the best opportunity I can give them is us being together through some memorable precious moments.   Investing in my relationship with them has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was only then that I started living and leading my life from a true and authentic place, from a happy and peaceful inner state, and have been able to bring my dreams to reality.   You can be successful as a person and a parent. You are worthy of it and deserve it. You just need to learn a better and easier way to do it. I will help you reach inside of you, become your own best version, and lead your life as a parent from a place of authenticity and calm.   Simple Tools for Busy Parents of teens: will put you in the right mindset to make the right decisions for you and your growing teen. There are also short and clear tools to use. Watch the videos and adapt the tools to your life.   You will learn what happens during adolescence, and how it can impact your teen's behaviour. I will take you step by step to prepare you to go through this phase as peacefully as possible. You will learn how to prevent problems and how to solve them when they happen without hurt and pain or violence.   I will be honoured to serve you nurture your family relationships and take your life to the next level. With love,Ayah E. Sarhan  

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