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How to handle negative feedback?

Jun 29, 2021
By Ayah Sarhan - Certified Parent Effectiveness Training

You deserve love, support, and appreciation you desire. And, you need take the first step and nurture yourself before expecting it from others. 

You can't control others or expect them to make you happy; only you can make yourself happy. It is a choice you can make without depending on someone else or waiting for their permission. But you can influence how they treat you by being courageous about expressing your needs. You also have the right to ask for help and support from others. However, the timing and the way you ask for it will determine how others will cooperate.

Positive affirmations can shift your thoughts and how you see yourself. You are probably doing your best to make those around you happy and loved. But sometimes, you feel that you need to keep hear approval and appreciation for what you are doing. But you don't have to wait for it. You need to know that you are worthy of it. Self esteem is important and it is important to be satisfied with who you are and that you are enough as you are.

It hurts when you do your best and get negative comments. But understand that people go through bad days too. Go easy with yourself; either ask for clarification about their feedback or about what is upsetting them - if you can. Otherwise do something to calm yourself down then ask them some other time when you feel like it.

If and when something said or done upsets you, work on resolving it. Just be wise about picking the right time, and place. You don't have to believe what others say about you. Yes, feedback is important to help you know what needs to change and how people see you. But not everyone can give constructive feedback, so be careful who is giving that feedback and how is it helpful. Also, don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on what you accomplished and set goals that would motivate you to get out of bed and feel good about yourself.

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