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5 strategies for planning a relaxing summer vacation

Jul 02, 2021
By Ayah Sarhan – Certified Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) Instructor & Coach 

'Summer vacations are an opportunity for writing good stories in your child's memory. The simplest ideas could be the most fun. Remember to be open and flexible to trying simple and silly things; fun activities that you can do together.' 

Fairy tales and princess stories are sometimes useful in putting your child to sleep, but so are happy memories. It is delightful to have good memories about stories and time spent with others especially your loved ones. So what kind of stories do you want to leave in your child's memory? What can you do to create such stories? Remember you are the writer of the fairy tale, of the dream, and of that memory. 

Summer vacations are an opportunity for such memories and the simplest could be the most fun. Even if your child whines about being bored; sometimes boredom is the best start for creating some fun activities that you can do together. Remember to be open and flexible to trying simple and silly things; just think of a way to connect and relax. Here are some: group games, board and card games, walks, bike rides, races, cooking creative recipes, singing, acting, dancing, or just watching TV together. 

Safe travelling and outdoor spaces are a good opportunity for both you and your child to relax. Here are the strategies you need to make it a relaxing experience for both of you:

1- I would recommend that you involve your children in deciding where to go so that you get them excited. Such engagement during the decision making process will prevent problems from arising during the preparation stage and when you arrive to your destination.

2- Even if problems or challenges do arise, your children will be keen on helping you solve them. Children love it when they get to have a say and participate in taking a part in the search, planning, and preparation.

3- You can start with selection of the destination, means of transportation, activities to be done on the way and when you arrive, things to pack. If your child is old enough, you can get them to tell you the items you need to shop for, and maybe write down the list for you.

4- If you have more than one child, listen to them and agree that each one will get an opportunity to go where they prefer in turns. And if they don't like the place, ask them to bring along something that would keep them busy.

 5- When travelling, check out the suitability of the place for your child's age: beaches, music events, scuba diving and swimming, safari trips, history, adventure ... etc. Discuss options with your child before booking to make sure they want to go. Teens prefer to be with their friends so this might be a factor that can encourage them to be in certain place at a certain time. 

I would love to hear your stories (old and new ones) and hope you have a wonderful vacation with many pictures that you can later share stories and conversations about during bedtime.

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