A message from the CEO


Taking the P.E.T. course was a turning point in my life. I never would have imagined that I would be fascinated by something as I have been by the Gordon model. Taking P.E.T. opened my eyes to a whole new world. I just felt that it is my duty to deliver its principals to as many people as possible. I felt this urge with the uprising hostility and aggressiveness I felt between people after the Egyptian revolution. People would not listen to each other, everyone was talking with anger without understanding their underlying feelings. I decided to take on myself the duty of enlightening and empowering people, and helping them build peaceful relationships. Our life can be enriched when peaceful relationships exist, we were created to interact and communicate with each others; expressing our needs and listening to the needs of others. However, with the growing stress and anxiety in our modern life, we may act in ways that can damage those relationships without even knowing it. Sometimes we fail to express ourselves, sometimes we fail to understand the needs of others. When this happens, frustrations start to build up and some choose to ignore, live with, and wish it would disappear until it accumulates and expoldes damaging relationships that we care for. Everyone of us needs to have a good relationship. This could be with your kid, your husband/wife, your mother/father, your class/team mates, your boss, your patient, your client, etc…. We engage in many relationships every single day but some of them are very important and require an understanding of how to build and maintain in an effective way.

Our team has the experience and exposure that will help you build and maintain effective relationships at home and work. In addition, we have tailored effectiveness trainings for schools and hospitals. All our trainings and material are continously revised and updated. Our mission is to contribute towards developing a more peaceful and productive community through training people (parents, teens, teachers, employees, and managers) effective communication skills that are applicable at home, at schools, and at work. The training programs are based on the Gordon model, and all our instructors certified by Gordon Training International (G.T.I.).

So come join us in one of our training programs and open your eyes to the beauty of the Gordon model and the rewarding experience that it will bring along. Think of it as an investment in your relationships with yourself, and your kids, family, friends, and colleagues. Let’s be proactive and take a positive step towards building a stronger Egypt starting from our home, school, and work place. It is a dream, and if we are hoping for a better future we need to dream and work on realizing our dreams.