Our Founders


Ayah E. Sarhan Founder & CEO 

Founded LifeCoach ERS (Effective Results Sustain) in 2011 – the Licensed Representative in Egypt and some Arab countries of Gordon Training International.  She is a Certified PET, YET Instructor by Gordon Training 21604882-2International (USA).

Ayah has completed her Certificate in Coaching from Cambridge University (UK). She is the Vice President of Leaders Globe (a UK-based Executive Coaching Company)

Ayah is also a Board Member in Mother & Child Friendly Care Association (MCFC). Currently, she is studying for her Masters degree in Community Psychology at AUC to be able to apply best scientific practices to her philanthropy work. She volunteers in coaching orphans and children with Rheumatic Heart Disease to help them cope with their circumstances, harness their inner power, and work on their strengths to live the life they want and fulfill their dream goals.

Ayah graduated with highest honors from the American University in Cairo (AUC) after earning her Bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentration in Finance and Economics. Then she worked in multinational organizations such as Unilever, Societe Generale, and HSBC Bank plc. for 12+ years.  A major part of her responsibilities was managing organizational changes, coaching team members, consulting clients, besides process re-engineering and streamlining.

Eventually, she realized that real development starts by individuals understanding their capabilities and maintaining a work/life balance in order to have a sustainable level of performance and be fulfilled – not just on having financial resources. She became passionate about developing her team members and others within the organizations she worked with, which led to her pursuit of studying coaching and shifting her career towards human development and relationship management.

She started the Coaching business after rigorous studying and certification, with an aim towards developing effectiveness and peace in the community. Ayah beliefs in the power of conversations as the basis for any healthy relationship, and that it eventually leads to peace within organizations and families – the base for the happiness and welfare of any community. She is the mother of two lovely young ladies, if you want to know more, check out her story as a parent.

She aims to help individuals maximize their performance and results,  develop effective strategies to handle  challenging  transitional  life stages and roles, and to improve their relationships and influence.  The ultimate result would eventually contribute towards the development of a peaceful and sustainable productive community.


Ayah offers a FREE 30-minute consultation to help you select the path for achieving your goals or solving your problems via Skype or in person by filling out this form.


Iman Sarhan Co-founder & PR Consultant Co-Founder & Vice PresidentIman prof.

Iman is a graduate of The American University in Cairo – with honors. She is currently doing her MSc in Business Psychology at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (UK).

Iman is also a Certified NLP practitioner; Certified Instructor and Facilitator in effective communication & conflict resolution; & a Licensed Representative for Gordon Training International.

Iman has over 15 years of work experience in the field of marketing research, planning, project management, & human resource development with multinationals, FMCGs and Telecom companies.  Her practical experience in Egypt, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, & USA has positively reflected on the diversity aspect in her Facilitation and Coaching career.

Iman is a passionate entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she believes that Effective Relationships are the basis for Effective and Successful communities.  As an organizational psychologist, she has helped leaders tap on their leadership skills, achieve their goals, develop & sustain effective work relations, managing change effectively, & most importantly resolve conflicts effectively.  Her passion combined with her specialty makes her unique & efficient, not only, in empowering leaders on the personal & professional level, but also, providing them with handy applicable techniques to use in everyday life to become more productive, achieve a work-life balance, & bring the best out of their teams.

Her passion in coaching & counseling new parents has emerged from her philanthropy work with Mother & Child Friendly care association (MCFC).  She has acquired her certification as a Mother Support Group leader & a lactation counselor to help parents bring up psychologically healthy children.  As a board member in MCFC, Iman is responsible for the community component of breastfeeding promotion through Mother Support Group training & counseling as well as the production of education, audio visual & teaching material.  She aims to spread awareness, educate & develop the community in a sustainable manner.

To get in touch with Iman, email: iman.sarhan@lifecoachers.net or link:uk.linkedin.com/in/ImanSarhan


Dr. Abul Fadl Gordon Training International Consultant & Master Trainer                 Dr. Azza pre-veil


Has over 40 years of experience in child health care, nutrition, and development.  As Founder and President of Mother and Child Friendly Care (MCFC) Association, and as Licensed Representative, Consultant, and Master Trainer for Gordon Training International (GTI) for Egypt and Middle East region (Arab countries), she has conducted the Gordon Effectiveness Training as part of the volunteer work for the development of  underprivileged  mother and child groups throughout Egypt.

She was the Country Coordinator and Consultant for the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant Examiner’s (IBLCE) in the early 2000 introducing IBCLCs in the country, and previously worked as a full time UNICEF Consultant for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in the early 1990s.

She was also the Scientific Supervisor of the Arab Diploma of International Child Health of the Arab Institute for Continuing Professional Development of the Arab League.

She is currently a Professor in the “Faculty of Medicine” of Benha University and dedicated to volunteer work with the Association of Friends of Children with Rheumatic Heart Disease for combating the disease in the country and working towards improving infant and child feeding practices with the Ministry of Health.

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