Conflict Resolution Workshop (C.R.W.)

What C.R.W. Participants Will Learn:

  1. That conflict is inevitable, unavoidable–even healthy. The existence of conflict is not the
  2. problem, but rather how it is resolved
  3. How to identify conflicts at work
  4. How to listen to others’ points of view for better understanding and improved work relations
  5. How to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism or finger-pointing
  6. A proven six-step method for resolving conflicts so that needs (not competing solutions) get clearly identified and new, more creative solutions are found with group participation
  7. How to mediate disputes between team members

How Your Company Will Benefit:

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  1. Reduced time spent refereeing disagreements and conflicts between team members, freeing up time for productive work
  2. Reduced stress because problems and conflicts are faced and solved instead of ignored or avoided
  3. More openness because employees feel more comfortable bringing up their issues and working out their differences