A message to leaders

Give your workplace a BOOST!!!

Do you find yourself consistent all the time? Do you go through moments or even days of ups and downs? Let me be more specific, with a focus on you as a person, do you experience the same mood every day or do you even manage to sustain it for a whole day?

Does your mood and thoughts get interrupted with traffic, daily work challenges, family commitments, political situation, own needs and much more?!

Well, that’s a fact of life we all go through ups and downs which affects our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and exposes us to different sorts of anxiety.

This moves us forward to the aim of this article, which is how to handle yourself and your employees so that you maintain an empowered motivated workforce while reducing the daily challenges which interferes with your productivity.

One way to sustain a motivated workforce:
1. List all accomplishments, on individual and team level (include yours)
2. Think how this affected you and your team performance (positively or negatively)
3. Relate how this affected the growth and performance of your unit
4. Be proud of all the outcomes, even the negative ones – they help you spot the positive actions that lead to excellence (give yourself a treat)
5. Provide continuous feedback, for your subordinates, co-workers, and boss
a. Encourage them for positive outcomes
b. Guide them eliminate negative outcomes
6. An EFFECTIVE way for continuous feedback:
a. Exact ACTION done
b. Exact EFFECT on co-worker/ unit/ organization
c. As a person how did this make you feel
d. Add a, b, and c in a sentence and communicate it to the concerned person

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If you need help developing the above tips or would like to learn more about creating and sustaining a satisfied and productive workforce as well as eliminating your unique daily stresses and challenges; send me an email: iman.sarhan@lifecoachers.net or call me 0044(0)7852621056 (UK) or 002-01111111768 (Egypt) and I will be delighted to guide you through!