How to make your outing with your child conflict-free?

By Ayah E. SarhanCertified PET Instructor & Family Relationships Coach



One thing I love doing alone is swimming (among many other things such as reading, writing, and my early morning drink). I just feel so relaxed and joyful. After taking my shower and dressing up, I just indulge in that feeling.


When I am in a good mood, I bring my kids over (usually one at a time) to spend some quality one-on-one time together and bond. We do all sorts of strange things (I say strange because people keep looking at me as if I am a weirdo). We sing, play, and she keeps showing me her miraculous new moves and turns under water. It is so funny. I also encourage her to swim too.

Then comes the point when I, she, or we both start to get tired. Reading such cues (hers and mine) are really crucial because after that point things can become really not so fun. If that point is delayed, either one of us or even both of us start to get frustrated. Things like whining and not wanting to get out of the pool.


So once these cues start showing up …

 I start sending a Preventive I-message; a message that can prevent an unacceptable behavior in the future, “I want to get out and shower before the shower gets busy.”
 We can also then brainstorm options; it can be something to eat or do after getting out so that she can smoothly leave the pool with as little struggle as possible.


That is what we call problem prevention in PET.


We empower you with many tools and techniques that can really make your life much easier, smoother, and peaceful.

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