Precious little moments – after Parent Effectiveness Training

By Ayah E. SarhanCertified PET Instructor & Family Relationships Coach


It is the little moments that we live.  An action or a word that takes place in a fraction of a second is all what it takes to make or break a relationship.

When my daughter stopped me in the shopping mall and told me, “Mum, I want to tell you something.”  So as I usually do, I bent down to her level to listen to her, and GUESS WHAT she wanted to tell me??!

skin to skin

She gave me a hug and a kiss, smiled at me, and then walked speedily in front of me, jumping with joy and happiness.

There it was; a little moment of connection.

It just made me realize that parenting is worth the effort, time, learning, and patience.

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In my journey as a parent, there were many small Aha moments from which I have learnt many valuable lessons for life. I used to have it all planned. But parenting, as I found out, is all about the backup plan(s). It can become a rough journey if we insist on just one plan, one path, and one way to do it. Instead, we need to think of options, try one path and jump into another. This is an invitation to be more open, more playful, more accepting.

I have to give credit to Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) and the Gordon model for enlightening me as a parent and helping me with skills that I needed for my job as a parent.  Thank you Dr. Thomas Gordon for developing the first skills-based parenting program.

Now I am on a mission to help parents find these moments of connection and enjoy a loving relationship with their child by becoming more effective. I have become a Certified PET instructor and would love to coach you through this journey.

Join me and I will show you little sparks of magic along the way. Diamonds are found within dull rocks, we just need to wipe out the dirt to see the spark and beauty they withhold. Don’t forget to put “PET diamonds” in the subject to claim your discount.


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