How to transform conflicts into Effective Results that will Sustain?


Life Coach ERS (Effective Results Sustain)


Our team of professionals are passionate about transforming their knowledge about education, consultancy, psychology, and coaching into helping you fulfill your aspirations in life and/or solve your existing challenges.

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We have helped so many people …

And we will Coach you for Effective Results that will Sustain (ERS) through out various Life stages.


With your commitment, your increased effectiveness will result in:

  • enhancing the quality of your relationships, 
  • turning your existing challenges into opportunities for growth, and
  • an increased sense of fulfillment, achievement, and happiness.

We will coach you on working out your creative options to improve your life, your relationships, and your performance. Click here to take action.




We have specific experiential group coaching programs for leadership, professional and personal development, and family, in addition to one-on-one coaching.

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We are the Licensed Representative for Gordon Training International in Egypt and our programs are based on the Gordon Model.

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We would love to talk to you so contact us to know how we can work together on transforming your professional and/or personal life. We would be truly delighted to become part of your life journey.


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